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Dustin's crew &


Dustin had a very diverse group of friends. He could go to the skate park on a Friday night in Vans shoes, a Thrasher shirt and khakis and then wake up on a Saturday morning and be decked out in camo for a turkey hunt.

Not only was he part of many different groups but his taste for the automobile industry was vast. He owned and loved both, his Nissan 240 and Cateye Chevy truck. He shared a love for imported JDM cars and could talk about them all day in Richmond and go home and get his Chevy truck and go to Mt. Vernon and talk about Chevy trucks all night.

The Scholarship


"Do it 4 Dustin"

In honor of Dustin, we are creating a memorial scholarship to provide a two seniors from local High Schools financial assistance to help them obtain the training, certification and/or license necessary to create a durable and stable career.

This scholarship is funded solely with donations from members of our community who wish to support a student moving forward into a durable trade. 

We are a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit and every donation is tax-deductible .

Why consider a Trade Occupation?

Learning a trade is one of the best ways to have a financially and professionally satisfying career. Most trades earn full-time wages straight out of high school or after a trade program that usually lasts less than two years. Trades exist across a wide range of industries and call for one or more highly specialized skills. By mastering a trade, you learn skills that will be useful your entire life.


The recipient of this scholarship must be a student with strong character, a love for life, and strives to create a durable career for themselves. The recipient:
● Must be a graduating senior from a Madison County or Rockcastle County High School
● Must be planning to attend a trade school
● Must be in good standing, both academically and socially with their school 
● Must be active in school or community clubs and/or organizations
Application instructions:
Provide an informative paragraph letting us know a little about you and your future plans, including why you would like to go to trade school. 
Email your paragraph to DI4D scholarship committee at [email protected] by May 1, 2024. 


Young people need our support and encouragement to gain skills and build character that will benefit them for a lifetime.

You can make a significant difference in a teenager’s life by donating to the Trade School Scholarship.

Decades from now, the recipient will be so glad to have been helped into a durable trade by you!

All gifts are tax-deductible, too!