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Dustin loved to ride and drive. He was an outdoorsman. He was an avid fisherman and hunter. He  Dustin’s love for the outdoors never went unnoticed. If he was outside, he was happy and he made the best of it. 

Dustin had a unique ability to gather people and have them all become friends. And, his posse always got involved in his passions for riding, driving, and the outdoors.

We want to help others enjoy the outdoors and find their passions and their happiness. We want to encourage families and friends to spend time together making memories by enjoying what nature has to offer. 

How "Keep it Rollin"


“Keep it Rollin” came from Dustin’s friends. They designed the logo and have helped Donnie and I (his parents) to begin our healing process. The garage is one of the beginning pieces that ties the boys together. It not only stores Dustin’s vehicles but gives them a place to hangout and work on their own vehicles.

We will always strive to keep Dustin’s memory alive and provide a safe place for others to be themselves and to come to when needed therefore, we will “Keep It Rollin.” 


Why a

Do it for Dustin, Inc. began as a way for Dustin’s family and friends to share their love by helping carry on a tradition Dustin and his Grandmother began several Christmases ago, when he was a small child. 
Once we decided to allow God to use us more than just at Christmas, it seemed like doors opened and situations presented themselves in a way that we felt the next step was to become an actual non-profit 501(C)(3) corporation.

The “Keep It Rollin’ Ride” is an event connected with the City of Berea where being a nonprofit helps more people participate.